ipwf students

Today we would like to talk what is the most difficult part of student’s being?

What is hard to the student?

Sometimes we do not pay much attention to the student’s worries and what makes him struggle.

It seems like an adventure to be a student, to have fun and to pass all exams with ease.

but in reality, students face many problems on the way to the diploma.

You ask what problems? We answer – lots.

We may list top students problems for the past few years mentioned by many top universities worldwide.

Based on IPFW University list there exist more than 10 common problems every student have faced once in his life.

  • Feeling or disorganization overwhelmed
  • Staying healthy and eating right
  • Failing in money management
  • Failing to communicate
  • Homesickness
  • Problem with the second half (beloved)
  • Not studying or reading enough (As a result poor grades)
  • Lack of sleep
  • Skipping classes and studies
  • Wasting time and procrastinating

and so on.

This is what students of IPFW write mostly. But besides their private problems, students face many struggles in the University they study in.

Many tutors admit, that undergraduates who have a lack of the support from other students may have more chance to get the lower mark and pass the study’s works and exams with much harder than others.

Why students problems can influence the student’s life?

The young man reacting to the outside world much more sharply than an adult. He feels everything hundred times brighter and sharper. And he needs a special attitude to him. Not getting required attention may influence not only on the grades in college or any other studying home but on his life as well. He will get less understanding from his parents, friends, and surrounders.

To avoid any trouble in the future always be on students side, even if he is not always right.

But going back to the problems in studying. We just mentioned all the difficulties the undergraduate can face in his life. Now go back to the students and universities life.

There is the list, what is the most difficult to do for the student in the walls of the educational house.

  • Get good marks
  • Write any kind of essay
  • Pass exams
  • Find common talk with tutor
  • Find a good team to work together
  • Understand the program
  • Do the research

Going back to the list, that every point has many levels, for example in the essay the hardest thing is to write the essay about compare and contrast between objects. TopGradeEssay.com briefly describes how hard sometimes can be to find all pluses and minuses of the objects and persons you know nothing about. From one side it seems clear to you and you think you can easily write about, from another side you find more and more different information about and feel lost.

problem of students

Another problem can be the tutor. The most difficult thing for the undergraduate is to find the common talk and points to have a talk and studying about.  Both teams have their own sight on the situations and not always they can solve each other.

Who wins? This is a good question