This Friday, on Jun 16, we had an event with students and their parents to discuss parenting stories.  Most of the time parents and students discussed the most complicated topic of the evening is the relationships goals between the kids and fathers. Everyone had his own opinion on the situation and the most difficult were is to find the compromise.

parenting stories

Compromise is an adult thing. When the person is young, he doesn’t to use such a thing. He wants all and now. On another side are parents, who already have an experience in life. Parents know that for some reason you need to find the compromise to get what you want.  But we can not blame young gentlemen and ladies in such thing. Everyone should pass this lake by his own and everyone did.

What were the most difficult for the students to admit

  • Parents know something about the world
  • Parents still love their kids and it matters a lot
  • Fathers will do a lot for the kids

What were the most difficult for the fathers to understand

  • Kids can have their own opinion
  • Students shouldn’t always do what fathers say
  • Young men are individual personality

Everyone wanted to proof such bullet points and explain why this is very important to count.

Fathers had very interesting stories about their children and what they did funny when they were little and couldn’t understand a lot.

From another side, students shared their information what they remember from the childhood, all their good, and bad memories. All of them are important.

All in all, it all ended good. Both sides promised to understand better their family and try harder to make all joints of familty happier and love stronger each other. This is a good result, showed that such events are important for all parts of society – from university to the family.